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Select Bjorn’s Tree service for all your commercial and residential tree removal, pruning, stump grinding & removal, spraying and excavation needs.

 Full Removal or Down only

During a full tree removal we process the entire tree from beginning to end. This service includes safely bringing the tree down, bucking (cutting into firewood) the log, chipping the brush, general clean up of the work area (raking and leaf blowing), and hauling away the wood, or you can choose to keep the wood for yourself. A down only job consists of safely downing the tree, limb and buck the log, you take care of the clean up.


Thinning and Limbing

Thinning of a tree involves the removal of specific branches, dead wood and tree trunk scruff. There are several reasons for thinning. It allows the wind to easily flow through the tree, reducing the tree sway and movement. It encourages new growth and gives the tree a great new look. The limbing of a tree is the removal of lower branches. This is normally done to help keep the lower limbs from touching your roof or to increase a view without removing the entire tree.


The topping of a tree refers to the removal of the upper section of the tree. This is often done for creating views or when the tree has become too tall and has become a hazard to buildings below. We tend to not recommend topping and look for other alternatives but still provide this as a service. Topping promotes decay which eventually leads to death of the tree. A tree that has been topped will need to be put on a yearly maintenance cycle to monitor for problems and prevent additional property damage.



Pruning plays an essential part in the overall health of trees and shrubs. It is most important for fruit trees, it encourages new growth and tighter fruiting. In this process the tree is cleaned of all the sucker growth and dead wood. The branches are cut back to their originally pruned tips. A properly pruned tree should have no crossing branches. If the tree hasn’t already been put on a yearly maintenance cycle, we can provide an initial pruning and setup a maintenance plan to ensure a healthy and productive tree.

Brush Chipping and Stump Grinding

We offer chipping and stump grinding services. Although most of our jobs include chipping as part of the detail, we offer it as an additional service. Stump grinding is the removal of the stump after the tree and base have been cut down. We can grind down to 12″ or more below the surface. We also do old stumps left behind by earlier logging or residential tree work. Stump grinding is quick and easy with our machines. Save yourself hours or days of sweat and back breaking work trying to dig and chop a stump out of the ground.

Emergency Work

Living in the Northwest, sooner or later you will have to deal with the weather rand damage it can leave behind. We are on call for all emergency work. This includes the removal of trees on building, vehicles or other such obstructions. We have years of experience working with insurance companies and can often handle all aspects of billing for you.

Wood chips and Firewood

Free wood chips are available to all our tree service clients. They smell and look great around the garden, either as ground cover or as pathways. WE can deliver and dump them in most places where a commercial truck can back up to. We also offer several types of split firewood for sale, contact us for additional information.

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